ALS StrongPoint Celebrates Its 25th Year Trading in the UK & Ireland

A Pioneering Company In The Retail Industry.

As the summer festival season reaches its peak, ALS StrongPoint, a pioneering company in the retail industry, is thrilled to celebrate its momentous achievement, completing 25 years of trading in the UK & Ireland.
Today, we take immense pride in the knowledge that every single person in the UK has likely interacted with a product that ALS StrongPoint has either designed, installed, or maintained — a testament to our enduring impact and the strong partnerships we have cultivated.
From its humble beginnings in a small warehouse in east Birmingham, ALS StrongPoint, formerly known as “Air Link Systems,” has undergone a remarkable journey over the last two and a half decades. Efficiency has been in our DNA from the beginning, supplying, and installing cash transfer systems that optimised the collection and counting of a retailer’s cash, while also keeping the store and its employees safer.

A Successful Supplier and Partner for Retailers in the UK & Irish Markets

Throughout its 25-year history, ALS StrongPoint has emerged as a trusted supplier and partner for retailers in the UK & Ireland. We have been instrumental in revolutionising the retail experience, working closely with our customers to implement innovative solutions that enhance efficiency and improve the shopping experience for consumers. By leveraging our expertise, we have played a vital role in shaping the landscape of the retail industry.

The Power of People

At the core of ALS StrongPoint’s success lies its exceptional team of dedicated individuals. Our employees, affectionately known as “lifers,” have become an integral part of our company culture. They have been captivated by the dynamic nature of the retail industry and have committed themselves to delivering excellence in every aspect of our work.

As our team has grown, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming talented individuals and partners from around the world, adding diverse perspectives while preserving the values that define us. It is with deep gratitude that we extend our appreciation to everyone who has been a part of our remarkable journey over the past 25 years. The pride we take in our team’s commitment and the exceptional solutions we deliver is what drives us forward, and that’s what makes ALS StrongPoint a trusted partner in the retail landscape.

Reflection and Looking Forward

As ALS StrongPoint celebrates its 25th year of trading in the UK & Ireland, we reflect on a journey marked by growth, innovation, and transformative partnerships. From our modest beginnings, we have evolved into a transformative force in the retail and grocery retail industries, spearheading advancements in checkout solutions andself-scan technologies. Since becoming part of StrongPoint in 2022 we are now proud to supply, implement, install, support and maintain StrongPoints complete portfolio of instore technology and eCommerce fulfillment Solutions to existing and new customers. We are especially proud that we are a UK and Ireland distribution and installation partner for the world famous Autostore.
We are incredibly grateful for the unwavering support of our customers, the dedication of our employees, and the trust we have earned from the UK & Irish markets. With a commitment to excellence, ALS StrongPoint looks forward to the future with excitement, confident that our next chapter will be defined by even greater accomplishments and continued impact on the retail industry.

To everyone who has played a role, big or small, in our journey over the past 25 years, we express our heartfelt gratitude. Your support has been instrumental in our success, and we look forward to continuing this journey together.

Thank you.

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