ALS StrongPoint Is Going To Retail Technology Show In London 26-27 April

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Retail Technology Show, London, 26-27 April 2023

What Will Be Presented?

If you or your company is interested in the most cutting edge and efficient retail technology available, be sure to stop by our booth 6J83. Our staff are eager to explain the unrivalled benefits of our retail technology solutions, including:

E-Commerce Order Picking

Order picking custumer

Our world-leading manual picking solution can be used in-store, in dark stores or alongside automated facilities

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

efficient electronic shelf labels

Pick-by-light technology with ESL is the fastest, most efficient and error-free order fulfillment method. And ESLs also drive efficiency savings in-store and creates better customer experiences.

E-Commerce Last Mile Solutions

E-Commerce Last Mile Solutions

From home delivery to multiple click &collect solutions including in-store pickup, drive-thru and fixed and mobile lockers.

Self-Checkout Systems


Self-checkout is a must-have for any store looking to reduce labour hours and increase efficiency while maintaining a small footprint. Our AI-powered solution is the epitome of convenience, intelligence and flexibility.

Automated Fulfillment (with AutoStore)

Micro Fulfillment Robot

Our micro-fulfilment solution powered by AutoStore’s cube storage solution including automation for frozen items.

Select & Collect Solutions

Vensafe v2

Reduce theft, increase checkout capacity and automate restricted access items sales in-store with our autonomous and intuitive select & collet unit.

Our experts will be on hand to explain how your store can increase its margins and stay competitive, thanks to ALS StrongPoint’s suite of hyper-efficient, ultra-flexible and unique solutions.

Stop by booth 6J83 to introduce yourself and to get to know ALS StrongPoint!

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