Celebrating 25 years of excellence

ALS StrongPoint Vision Statement
25 Years

As we enter our 25th Year of trading, we can look fondly back on our path to this point. From humble beginnings as Air Link Systems in Birmingham, to a multinational company rebranded as ALS StrongPoint. We take pride in the projects we have delivered into the retail market, confident that almost every individual in the UK & Ireland has used a product that ALS StrongPoint have helped develop or install.

Logo 25 years

As we look to the future and what the next 25 years holds, we strive to remain as flexible and dynamic as possible, while also broadening our values. We must be environmentally responsible in every action we take, from manufacture to on-site delivery. Listening to our clients, their customers, and our own employees; protecting ourselves and our future is a priority.

We must also be innovative. As customer priorities change and technology evolves, we plan to align ourselves with cutting edge partners, and help bring their fantastic products to retail stores across the world.

ALS StrongPoint. Improving the customer experience through constant innovation.

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