ColliCare Logistics automating IKEA E-Commerce with ALS StrongPoint

ColliCare Logistics automating IKEA E-Commerce with ALS StrongPoint

Third-party logistics company ColliCare turned to StrongPoint to build its automated facility, with the larger goal of streamlining its e-commerce operations, which includes high-volume processing for IKEA.

2 day delivery time for 80% of IKEA customers, down from 3-7 days prior to AutoStore implementation

About ColliCare 

ColliCare is an industry-leading provider of e-commerce logistics, including shipping and transport. They focus heavily on Scandinavia, Europe and Asia. 

High standards call for the industry’s top automation 

ColliCare had been contracted by IKEA to provide their interior e-commerce logistics services in Norway and now sought to offer their newly expanded services to other customers. Requiring hyper-efficiency and zero picking errors, ColliCare decided to leverage the power of automation and went with the AutoStore cube storage system.  

“We chose AutoStore for our 3PL offering because we want to offer a more complete service offering. We already have the 3PL offering, but to become more e-commerce market-oriented, we went with AutoStore.”
Ole Bakurowitz, Product Manager at ColliCare

Of the many AutoStore partners available, ColliCare selected StrongPoint to build and maintain their AutoStore grid. Three main reasons factored into that decision: price, commitment, and expertise. Above all though, StrongPoint’s deep history in the grocery industry was the deciding factor.  

“We know that the grocery industry, one of StrongPoint’s key markets, is very demanding. So we knew that with StrongPoint, we would get a team working to the highest of standards and  who is obsessed with efficiency.” 

Ole Bakurowitz, Product Manager at ColliCare

Cutting delivery times in half

StrongPoint thus implemented an AutoStore grid with 36 robots and 25,000 bins with the option to expand to 40,000, which opened in Spring 2023. That left plenty of room to scale up as the system got up to speed and more e-commerce customers got on board leveraging ColliCare’s automated fulfilment offering. 

Before, IKEA’s online customers were able to receive their mail orders, on average, in 3-7 days. Now, 4 out of 5 customers will get their orders within 2 days

For e-commerce logistics, there’s only one logical solution  

ColliCare knew it had the expertise and experience to be a player in the e-commerce market. That meant levering key assets for maximal efficiency. To execute such a vision, they needed the right partner. 

“For sure, other providers had their merits, but price is just one part of the puzzle. StrongPoint’s depth of knowledge in e-commerce means they can tailor the system and solve issues to help us ensure the highest standards of efficiency and scale in the future if needed. When we call on them, they’re there.” 
Ole Bakurowitz, Product Manager at ColliCare

IKEA requires a seamless and consistent customer experience, which means 100% order-fulfillment accuracy and maximal efficiency. Thus, it was essential that ColliCare make the right decision about their partner and their technology offerings, as well as service and expertise.  

As the leader in grocery retail technology, it was logical that StrongPoint’s solutions would carry over to parallel industries with similar fulfillment needs. Having helped numerous companies ramp up efficiency to stay ahead of the competition,  

StrongPoint’s international reputation and track record speak for themselves. Its engineers and planners know exactly how to leverage automation for e-commerce so that fulfillment is standardized, hyper-efficient, and scalable

“We have had a fantastic relationship with StrongPoint from start to finish. StrongPoint has provided outstanding service, and we have been extremely impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of their team. For hyper-efficiency in automation, choose StrongPoint.”  
Ole Bakurowitz, Product Manager at ColliCare

Micro fulfillment centers (MFC)

Automated micro fulfillment means that robots bring you the items to be picked – the fastest picking method available. As an AutoStore partner, StrongPoint offers hyper-efficient micro-fulfillment solutions tailor-made for grocery retailers and other industries. But there’s more: StrongPoint will soon be the first in the world to install an AutoStore grid with a frozen zone for automated picking of frozen items.

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