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We Believe That With Success Comes A Great Deal Of Responsibility.

Foundation Colleagues

The Timpson Group have been providing a range of invaluable services to local communities for over 150 years. From keeping alive traditional skills to their forward-thinking approach on the second chances they give to their reformed Foundation Colleagues.
They are a company ALS are incredibly proud to work for.

Timpson Group

With such longevity, an immeasurable amount of world events have come and gone, while the Timpson Group have remained steadfast. Including throughout the complete shutdown of almost all retail stores nationwide for closing in on 12 months.
Fortunately, an insightful approach of diversifying from the standard shop layout has allowed Timpson to continue trading over the past year.

These Pods Mean Timpson

Timpson Group have been installing concessions into supermarkets over the past 5 years, across their brands. Part of these concessions are the “Pods”, that are springing up across car parks nationwide.
These Pods mean Timpson can position themselves centrally in the modern social hub, the Supermarket.
These convenient locations allow Timpson’s loyal customer base access to its complete range of services and products.
A reduction in unnecessary travel for its customers has never been more prevalent than it currently is, surpassing convenience and firmly falling into the safety category. (enter info from store managers here – Info from Customers or Timpson head office)

A Newly Designed Pod

It is not just keys getting cut. While we have all been desperate for a haircut, Timpson will be ready and waiting with their latest development: Timpson Barbers.
A newly designed Pod, complete with traditional décor and their signature smartly dressed colleagues. Timpson Barbers will be re-opening for business soon. (More info about the barbers here)
ALS StrongPoint are proud to have installed over 40 Pods for Timpson, including 15 in the past year. We are also excited to see what new services can be delivered in this innovative way.

Timpson Pods and Stores are currently open for business. Look out for Timpson Barbers re-opening soon. Installations are planned nationwide for the rest of 2021 and beyond.


  • What impact has Covid had on the business, and how did you cope as the lockdown situation fluctuated
  • If/How the Pod solution helped?
  • How many pods do you have total?
  • What do customers like about the pods?
  • How did the barber idea come about, and what is the feedback on it?
  • What are your future plans? (If you’re willing to share)
  • Anything missing that would be worth focus?
ALS Global Timpson and Tesco Baguley-pod

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