Customer: Individual

Industry: Hospitality

B-Cube Pergola

B-Cube Pergola: An Inspiring Outdoor Solution from North London.

Here’s an Easy Way To Update Your Outdoor Space?

High Quality Aluminum B-Cube Pergola.

Name of the client?
Client’s location?
Northwood, North London
Project leader from our side? 
Jason Pollard, ALS StrongPoint Project Manager

What was the enquiry?

Individual who wanted to improve their pool area for entertaining. Client wanted a durable and long life solution, with very little maintenance, rather than a more simple timber structure with ongoing care needed.

The clients requirements for a retractable pergola:

  1. Controllable shading from the sun
  2. Protection from rain
  3. Retractable motorised roof
  4. LED Daytime Lighting
  5. Comfortable entertaining space near the outdoor pool

The Product Solutiоn: High quality B-Cube Pergola.

Bioclimatic Pergola B-Cube

A work of wonders, the Bioclimatic Pergola series is one of our most contemporary installations. The B-Cube series can create a bold statement in your outdoor space as well as be an incredibly flexible solution to extending your outreach with a variety of options to suit every individual project – whether standing tall by itself or attached to your property. Ideal for: Hotels, bars and premium leisure industries along with detached and semi-detached private houses.

Project description

High quality B-Cube Pergola. An aluminum pergola frame covered with wood effect finish.

4 x 3 meters, and 3 meters tall

Fully retractable electric and tiltable motorised roof. Integrated Daytime LED’s.

Waterproof when fully closed with built In drainage for rainwater.

1 years maintenance will be provided by ALS Global. 

Instllation Process

Works completed over 2 days with no disruption to the propert. 

From order to installation – 10 weeks. 

The client has the choice to retroactively fit and speakers, heaters or blinds to the unit it the future. 

Client wanted a contractor with decades of experience in working with high end and high value products, with a long track record of delivering excellence.

The client was happy with the finished product, and felt comfortable with the ALS team that were chosen to deliver the work.

Note: Be sure that the pergola is well designed.

We believe that our customers should have a variety of options to choose from when investing in sheer luxury features for the home or business. This is why you can select the size, material, accessories and choose your style of roofing, whether that’s adjustable pergola blades, pergola awnings or retractable pergola covers.

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