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ALS StrongPoint was appointed to oversee the removal of Pizza Express’s goods, stock, and all branding.

Pizza Express’s goods, stock, and all branding.

Name of the client?
Pizza Express
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Project leader from our side? 
Dean Smith, ALS StrongPoint Project Manager

What solution was delivered to the client?

Pizza Express unfortunately found themselves in the position of needing to close 100 of its restaurants across the UK. ALS StrongPoint and another contractor were appointed to oversee the removal of Pizza Express’ goods, stock and all branding. Returning the site to a “white box” for the landlord.
The removed goods needed to be consolidated, reviewed and inventoried, to allow Pizza Express to re-use as many of its assets as possible.

Phase 1 – Restaurant strip-outs and consolidation of stock at ALS.

  • Site survey conducted for all 70 sites. Client was met on site and a joint survey conducted to identify the scope for each store.
  • Transport arranged, including freezer vans to remove and relocate perishable stock.
  • Local authorities engaged to allow access to high streets and shopping centres. RAMS uploaded to the contractor systems where relevant.
  • De-branding and signage removal.
  • Removal of lighting and electrical works.
  • Removal of all IT equipment.
  • Removal of all confidential waste into secure sacks with security tagging.
  • Transfer of refrigerated, frozen and wet/dry stock to customers “Buddy sites”
  • Removal of selected white goods and electrical items based on age of item.

Strip out of customers premises, including but not exclusive to:

  • Final clean of the premises and key handover to the landlord.
  • All stock and confidential waste returned to ALS.
  • Confidential waste securely stored and forwarded to client.
  • All working goods returned were catalogued, photographed, and booked onto an inventory system.
  • The output of inventory list sent on a regular basis to the client, showing all model number, serial numbers, image showing the condition of the product and asset sticker.
  • All Unsalvageable metalwork scrapped in accordance with our environmental policies.
  • Scrap refrigeration units are collated and scrapped in bulk to a registered decommissioner.

Phase 2 – Re-using the removed assets

  • Quoted upfront and scheduled multi-drop deliveries to Pizza Express existing sites, to maximise efficiency.
  • Once on site, installation was done of the replacement goods and existing units were removed. Sign off document was produced and sent to the client.
  • The removed goods were returned to ALS StrongPoint for environmental disposal or repair.
  • Demonstrable cost-saving averaging 80% when reusing existing assets compared to buying new.

What benefits did ALS StrongPoint solution bring to the client’s operation?

  1. Surveys and signoffs were designed bespoke for the project.
  2. Provided daily summary report each morning on the outcome of each strip-out.
  3. Asset tracking consisting of documentation of serial numbers, combined with photos.


How did the solution help their workflow? What challenges did it solve?

  • Our timely updates from site allowed them to manage relationships with their landlords ensure a timely and frictionless handover.
  • The inventory log allowed the client to accurately manage their stock remotely, receive live updates and call off where necessary.

How long did the solution take to be completed?

  • 70 stores were removed at a rate of 3 per night at peak.
  • Re-use of the assets is an ongoing operation.

Where did the project take place?

UK wide, within the following formats:

  • Standard size restaurants (10 hours on-site)
  • Large format restaurants (1 Week – strip out works and remedial building works) – Head Offices (1 week, goods included office furniture, etc)

Before and After

Why did the client choose us?

Word of mouth following similar closures undertaken for Homebase, Best Buy, Comet, and others.

Is it a new client or returning one?

Pizza Express was a new client for ALS StrongPoint.

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