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  • Car Park Canopies
  • What are your typical prices for new canopies?
    Without knowing the specific needs and requirements of your school, we cannot give you an estimate of how much a canopy would cost. All our canopies are completely bespoke, which is why a site-specific survey is required at the start of the process. Our surveyor will be able to discuss your preferences and take precise calculations before completing an official quote with a full price breakdown. Our free survey is the only way to get a specific quote for your site that will be tailored to your requirements.
  • Does the installation take a long time?
    The installation time is dependent on your individual requirements. In general, installation can be as quick as 1 day, and typically even larger projects don’t last longer than a few days. It really does depend on the size and complexity of the installation. We’re also completely flexible with our installation commitments and will schedule a time that best suits you; our installation team works seven days a week, and can install during both term time and the holidays.
  • How much maintenance will the canopy need?
    One of the biggest benefits of our canopies is that they require very little maintenance. You’ll see from our case studies that once they are installed, you can start making use of them without any worry. We do recommend periodic cleaning and clearing of the guttering, as you would with any part of an exterior building. Most schools just add this to their regular cleaning schedule. Other than this there is no maintenance and no painting required.
  • Do I need planning permission?
    Generally canopies don’t require extra planning permission, but it really depends on your building and location. We would always recommend checking before any external work is carried out to ensure any new construction meets planning requirements. Our expert team are more than happy to assist with getting planning approval, and if building regulations are needed, we’ll be on-hand to oversee the process from start to finish.
  • What sizes are the canopies available in?
    The canopy has no limit to its length because it can be built in a modular way. You could cover a small, dedicated area at the rear of the property, or extend a canopy along the full length of the building – the choice is yours. The projection depends on whether it is fixed to a wall or a free standing system. Generally speaking the maximum projection is 10m for a wall mounted system but if it is a free standing system (away from the building) then we can span a maximum of 20m.
  • Is there a guarantee?
    Every one of our canopies, regardless of the design or style, comes with a 10 year guarantee that covers all aspects of the manufacturing and the installation of it on-site. We want you to be as confident in the material and the construction of your canopy as we are. We’ve engineered our products to the highest quality and toughest standard to ensure they can deliver. Our installation teams are also made up of highly qualified experts, so you can be safe in the knowledge that their work will stand the test of time.<br />
  • Checkouts
  • I am not sure what type of checkout will be best in my store.
    ALS Global are able to offer a full on site store survey to recommend a checkout solution for your front end. We can then advise you of the full cost implications for each solution. We will help to provide suitable fittings for your chosen EPOS solution on the checkout and will offer a full range of colour choices and bumper protection.
  • Do I have to take an extensive maintenance agreement if I want to get my checkouts repaired and what if I have only a few checkouts?
    We can offer a full maintenance agreement to cover checkouts for all store locations or simply quote prices for non-contract visits as and when units breakdown. The choice is fully with our customers to enter a service level that is correct and cost effective for their operation. We are happy to discuss your checkout maintenance requirements whether you have 1 checkout or 1,000 checkouts.
  • I note that you do a lot of work for large chains, do you also deal with sole traders/smaller chains?
    Yes we do. A significant proportion of our turnover is achieved in this area.
  • How can Self checkout help?
    Our new self checkout solutions are powerful, versatile, and easy to deploy. They run on standard hardware and integrate easily with your existing systems. They are easily configurable to your unique requirements and branding.
  • What’s the maximum size of self checkout machine?
    Flexible store layout. Self checkout stations can be placed throughout the store, allowing customers to make payment wherever they are. This reduces queues near manned checkouts, and reduces the time they spend in store waiting to pay.
  • Click And Collect Lockers
  • We require all contractors to be DBS checked. Is this a problem?
  • How I contact service support?
  • Bespoke Commercial Furniture
  • How long will it take to install?
  • Is there a guarantee?
  • Pneumatic Tube Systems.
  • What is the maximum weight can you send?
    The larger the system diameter, the more weight you can send. Systems up to Ø110mm are best kept to under 2kg, the Ø160mm systems 5kg. With high powered compression blower’s weights of up to 30kg can be transported in larger diameter carriers.
  • What’s the maximum size of a pneumatic tube system?
    The smallest possible pneumatic tube system consists of two stations and a tube track that can be any length. This system is called a point-to-point-system. Very big systems can be several thousand meters long. They can contain a huge number of stations.
  • Are pneumatic tube systems always custom-designed?
    Yes! Pneumatic tube systems consist of a lot of different components. Every client is different, every place has different preconditions and a lot of different goods are suitable for the transport through tubes. Therefore, it is important to design the best plant for every specific case.
  • How much does a pneumatic tube system cost?
    That depends. As mentioned above, the systems are very individual. Depending on how big the system is and what features it has, the amount of the investment varies. But you can be sure, that the investment will be worth it! We gladly put together an individual offer with our current prices.
  • How do I make sure that my system works for the longest time possible?
    First of all, the quality of the initial plant is crucial. We have our own development and production department in Birmingham, UK. Steady quality controls guarantee high reliability. But not only during production but also during instalment it is important to work precisely.
  • Luxury Outdoor Spaces
  • How long does installation take?
    It depends the size of the pergola, if it is a single or double module it normal takes 2-3 days depending on the additional options selected such as Line Glass which takes slightly longer. We aim to work around your commitments, for example; a commercial client such as restaurant or bar are busiest in the latter part of the week so we aim for installation at the beginning of the week to make sure you don’t loose business.
  • What is the lead time on Pergolas?
    At the moment the lead time is 7-8 weeks once your order is placed, this is slightly longer then the usual 6 weeks. This is down to pressure on the supply chain for raw materials which is common place in all industries at the moment. We do however promise to have a quick turn around time to reduce the consultation time so you get your project done in good time.
  • Do you deliver nationwide?
    Yes, our design and installation team are available nationwide, we have a distribution network catered to London and the rest of the UK. Our design consultants aim to get out to you at a time which suits you even if this is at the weekend or after normal working hours. Design consultations and delivery are free in the UK mainland but we will have to charge for overnight stays where it is necessary for multiple day installations.
  • Do you need Planning Permission for a Pergola?
    Planning guidelines regarding Pergolas are slightly blurred but generally (roughly 80% of the time) you will NOT need planning permission. Planning permission does differ from council to council but there are some common scenarios where you will require it; if you live in a protected conservation area such as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), your property is listed, or the structure is on the front of your property in an urban area. It is also important to note that if the structure is within 2 meters of the property boundary the maximum height allowed for a structure is 2.5 meters. Further away from the boundary, the maximum height limit increases to 3 meters. We advise that you do consult your local planning authority, especially for commercial projects as it is always best to know exactly where you stand relating to planning before construction begins. Our team are on hand to help and consult with your local authority should there be a need to apply for permission.<br />
  • Planning permission for a pergola in London?
    Planning permission in London is a slightly different kettle of fish, broadly speaking it follows the same principles as the paragraph above relating to conservations areas and listed buildings. The issue with London is often the close proximity to neighbouring properties meaning the height of the structure is to be below 2.5 meters with in 2 meters of the property boundary – the standard height of our pergolas is 2.75 meters. We do always advise to consult your local planning authority if there are any queries you have or what their stand point on the project would be. More information can be found in Part 1, Schedule 2 of the Town & Country Planning Order 2015: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2015/596/contents.<br />
  • Electrical Charging Points
  • When it comes to fast charging, why GO TO‑U?
    1.The declared power equals the real one.<br /> 2.Charger booking as a crucial function for the driver.<br /> 3.Stylish and conveniently arranged locations.<br /> 4.Reliable equipment.<br /> 5.Integrated approach.<br />
  • How does the GO TO‑U solution work?
    It works at increasing the EV charging infrastructure in general and encouraging EV awareness and adoption. The platform encourages hospitality businesses to provide hassle-free EV charging for their clients, thus attracting these drivers to the partner businesses using the mobile app. Go To-U generates revenue by charging a commission on services or products bought by EV drivers at partner businesses, becoming a win-win solution for both: EV drivers and the businesses that own the EV chargers.
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.
  • Do you refurbish and maintain only your own products or can you offer this service on any make of checkout?
    ALS Global has a very long history in this sector of the market and that experience has enabled us to offer all our on-site and factory refurbishment service techniques to cover not only our own products, but all UK and European manufactured checkouts. Irrespective of the manufacturer we are able to source components and undertake full refurbishment works and provide full service & maintenance programmes.
  • Reverse Vending Deployment
  • What are the Reverse Vending Machine’s dimensions?
  • How long will it take to install?
  • Do you provide Staff Training?
  • Careers
  • Can I apply for several jobs at the same time?
    Of course. If there is more than one job on offer that you feel corresponds to your profile and career goals, you may apply for two or more jobs simultaneously.
  • How should I prepare for interview if I am offered one?
    Our interviews are competency-based and last for approximately one hour, with a panel of interviewers from different business areas to ensure balance. The interview will look at your motivation, job-related knowledge, and the technical/behavioural competencies required for the position advertised. We recommend that you look closely at the job requirements as described in the Notice of Competition, and visit the ALS Global website to ensure you have a sound understanding of the role of the organization.
  • When will I hear about the status of my application?
    You can be told about your application status at any stage after the closing date. The Recruitment team is available for any questions you might have about the selection process, before making an application or during the application process. We encourage you to ask questions that will help you to decide whether the job or our environment is a good match for you. Please note that we give oral feedback only to candidates who have been invited for interview.
  • Do you provide Staff Training?
    Yes. Each role requires a different approach when it comes to staff training. Due to this, it’s not possible to define exactly what a staff training programme consists of, as it’s likely to be conducted in a way that suits the business and the role.