How You Can Improve Customer Experience With ALS StrongPoint Tech Solutions

It’s Time To Turn First-Time Purchasers Into Loyal Customers.

Long and short customer journey

Like every sector, retail is going through a transformation and must respond to the forces of the fourth industrial revolution and major societal shifts. Customer experience solutions are designed to be scalable at every customer touchpoint.

The customer experience infographic above describes the long and short customer journey process.

  1. Gamification – personalised promotions at home. A great way to build personalised customer engagement.
  2. Plan to visit the store by creating a shopping list or order for pick-up.
  3. Customer Identification – AI image recognition.
  4. Kiosk, digital signage – customer could browse and receive additional information about the products. Receive personalized, interactive information and customized offers.
  5. Self ordering.
  6. Smart self-checkout – attended or self-checkout payment.
  7. Cash managemnt.
  8. Pick-up items – store or locker. Click & Collect option. Self scanning validation.
  9. Interact with the retailer post purchase – e.g. returns and retain.
Virtual Queue Management

Queue Management

Don’t Keep Your Customers Waiting

Decrease customer wait times, improve waiting line management, and increase revenues with ALS StrongPoint enterprise Queue Management Solutions.

  • 20 % Reduction in Customer Waiting Times
  • 30 % Improved Service Efficiency
  • Seamless Customer Flow

Enrich Grocery / Supermarket Journey. Give a Better UX and More.

User experience self-checkout

Key points where ALS StrongPoint drives the value of the digital platform.

  • Retail Store Beautification
  • Non intrusive interactivity with customers (smartphones scanned on kiosks) : unlock PSS, early check-in.
  • Gamification to incentive customer: provide platform for rewards and coupon management
  • Shift to “All in One” POS develop and increase the use of Self-Service
  • Interactivity of smartphones through kiosks
  • Ordering inside store
  • Reduction of IT footprint carbon
  • Prevent Shrinkage in the Age of Self-Checkout. Reduce TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership )

Enrich Fashion Store Journey and Customer Experience.

Fashion Store Journey

Seamless UX Thanks to RFID.

  • Check in and identification to get coupons and information.
  • Shopping trip with smartphone or traditional?
  • Endless Aisle, check online stock, check stock of other stores, order a product (store or home delivery).
  • Digital Signage Promotions, Product information, Events / communication with the brand fans.
  • Fast payment with RFID SCO, Tag deactivation, Option for display advertising(advertisement funded by supplier).
  • Manage home delivery and Click and collect.
  • Provide staff tools for communication and a seamless checkout based on RFID. Secured with AI/Image recognition.

UI Software for customer workflow.

Self-checkout software that gives you the flexibility to use your existing hardware or choose from our line of desktop and kiosk solutions.

For more information about Self Checkout Systems, please visit the product page here.

Tech UI Software for customer workflow

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