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Bespoke Commercial Furniture

Flair or Functionality?

Flair or Functionality? ALS StrongPoint design and manufacture outstanding bespoke furniture, integrating the latest innovative technology, resulting in the ultimate customer experience.

By collaborating closely with our clients, we combine our insights with your vision to create striking pieces and a commercial space that will inspire and engage.

Scalable For All.

Scalable for all. From one off prototyping to full scale international rollouts, ALS StrongPoint designers have helped conceive solutions to hundreds of challenges and delivered thousands of pieces of furniture across Europe.

Full logistical consolidation available, along with Installation and Fit Out.

Clients and Partners

Technology Integration.

Many of the challenges our clients face, are the struggles to integrate the latest technology into their spaces, in a way that is pleasing on the eye and enhances the user experience.

We have partnered with some of the largest commercial tech suppliers, to help incorporate their products into furniture that would not look out of place in a premium Hotel or your local coffee shop.

Our Bespoke Commercial Furniture can be fixed with multimedia displays, allowing for advertising and cost offsetting opportunities. The integration of wireless and touchscreen technologies combine to create a memorable shopping experience, connecting the worlds of retail and online shopping.

Most of our materials are sourced and manufactured locally to the territory of our clients, to cut down on unnecessary transport and associated costs. We only use the highest quality materials, ensuring they still look great with repeated use in high traffic areas.

Stay On Top Of The Digital Revolution With Our Connected Solutions!

  • Card Only Payment Kiosks
  • Card Only Payment Benches
  • Mall Kiosks
  • Checkouts
  • Display Cases
  • Counters and Benches
  • Interactive Displays
  • Shelving
  • Modular Wall Systems
  • Accessible Payment Areas
  • Sanitation StationsCard Only Payment Kiosks

* Industry-Specific References Are Available Upon Request.

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