CashGuard Cash Management

With CashGuard Cash Management, the cash is secured, and the cash handling process is automated at the checkout.

 Automated Cash Handling Solutions

CashGuard Cash Management

Cash handling is often an overlooked part of the retail operation that can have an enormous impact on the entire business. Cash makes the store vulnerable to simple mistakes, shrinkage and theft.

Manual cash handling slows down the customer throughput and decreases the service level. As a retailer you and your staff spend hours every day counting and guarding cash, but theft and shrinkage still appear. Not with CashGuard.

Everyting Works Better in The Checkout Line


Complete Control

The system automatically counts every coin and banknote as it’s entered the machine. You get instant, real-time information on cash levels per checkout point, per store or even your full chain of stores.


No More Theft 

The cash is secured at the checkout, making theft and robberies impossible, which makes staff confident that they do not risk being robbed or getting accused of stealing.

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Reduce Costs 

Manual cash handling steals several hours out of the retailers’ week to count the cash. With CashGuard, you reduce the time spent on cash handling by 50%. The store manager only collects the excess banknotes from the system in the evening and, if needed, replenishes change for the following day.
That´s it!


More Hygienic 

No-touch cash solutions such as CashGuard help reduce the risk of spreading infections through cash handling. It reduces the contact between food and cash and minimizes the potential for virus and bacteria contaminations.

The Market Leader in Cash Management

Solid Design

The CashGuard machine is made from steel to protect the cash. The construction makes for a safe place to store cash without the need of emptying it several times a day.

Easily Integrates With Your POS System

It is easy to ingrate the CashGuard to the POS system with the API’s provided by ALS StrongPoint. The installation team sets up the entire system and connect it to the POS, The IT department just needs to enable CashGuard in the POS.

Handles Both Notes And Coins

ALS StrongPoint’s CashGuard solutions accepts both notes and coins in the selected currency, eliminating the need for manual counting and cash handling during the transaction.

Automatically Counts Payment And Gives Back Change

Your customers simply put the coins and notes into the machine, the calculation is done and the machine automatically deliver the correct amount of change. No more mistakes in the cash handling and no more time spent on calculating change.

Fits In – Everywhere

Used By Retailers In All Sectors

The CashGuard solution is designed to fit into your store in a convenient way for both staff and customers. The solution is used by retailers in all sectors, from huge grocery retail chains to small individual bakeries.

Grocery store



Gas station


Public Transport

Experience Huge Savings

Take a look at some of the statistics showing the benefits and success of CashGuard by ALS StrongPoint.

45-60 minutes saved every day.

35,000 CashGuard systems installed worldwide.

Leading retailers have been using the CashGuard solutions for 30 years.


The Dream For The IT Department

At this point you might be wondering how this solution connects to your existing POS and IT infrastructure. After all, the systems need to speak together. Fortunately, we have made that as easy as possible.

Continously Updated

CashGuard runs on software ensuring safety and efficiency. To make sure your system is always up to date and the data is accessible, StrongPoint stores the information in the cloud and continuously develops and updates the software.

support center

Customer Support

At the IT department, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time troubleshooting in the rare cases that something doesn’t work properly. With ALS StrongPoint, you have around the clock customer support to save you time and unnecessary headache.


Dashboard and Analytics

Once the solutions are installed you naturally want to keep track of the cashflow and how much the solution is used. All of which can be found in our dashboards.

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