CashGuard Premium 1

 Why CashGuard Premium Is The Optimal Solution?

For Supermarkets

For supermarkets where speed and uptime are crucial, and the cash flow is high – CashGuard Premium is the optimal solution. It processes a payment using coins in less than 5 seconds and can recycle up to 2 000 coins and 1000 banknotes per system.

A Secure And Reliable Experience

Technical Overview

Recycling: All denominations

Max deposit speed: 1.5 per second

Max dispense speed: 5 coins per second 3 notes per second

Lock: Electronic

Currencies: GBP, EUR, SEK, NOK, ZAR, DKK


Premium Coin Recycler
Colours: Dark grey with red, black or grey details
Inlet: Single feed of coins
Outlet: Multi-coin bowl
Denominations: Max 8
Coin Capacity: 300-550 coins per denomination
Total capacity: >2000 coins
Customer Display: Integrated 2 x 16 characters

Premium Note recycler
Colours: 2-tone grey
Configuration: Multi-slot with 1-3 denominations per cassette
Denominations: Max 7
Note Capacity: 200 per cassette (800/ 1000)


Premium Coin Recycler
Material: Steel casing
Width: 320 mm
Height: 520 mm
Depth: 297 mm
Weight: 25 kg (excl. coins)

Premium Note recycler (4 / 5 cassette option)
Material: Steel casing
Width: 567 mm / 700 mm
Hight: 230 mm
Depth: 348 mm
Weight: 59 kg / 70 kg

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