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Contact-free, fully automated unmanned systems.

Click & Collect lockers

StrongPoint is one of the first and biggest producers of click & collect lockers. We offer both temperature–controlled lockers for groceries, and regular lockers for parcels. Our lockers are designed in Scandinavia and built to survive even the most extreme weather conditions.

All our lockers include software for remote management, so they can be unlocked via an app for contactless loading and unloading.

Retail Is Changing

Retail is changing. And different buying groups engage with your brand in different ways, but you still want them to have a great experience, right?

Click & collect lockers offer customers frictionless, safe, and flexible collection options. They create a completely convenient pick up method that can be use whenever they desire. Moreover, lockers can be placed inside the four walls or outside for speedy frictionless collection in or out of store hours.

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Key Features

frozen zone

3 Temparature zones

Our lockers are tailor-made for grocery retailers. Lockers come with 3 temperature zones (frozen, chilled and ambient) suitable for your full range of products.

Built to last

Designed in Scandinavia, our lockers are built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions.



Whether you want lockers indoors or outdoors, in your brand colours, in different sizes or temperature zones, we can deliver.



Our lockers let customers collect orders without ever entering the store. They can be unlocked with a smartphone, so customers and employees never need to share the terminal.

Shopping Experience

Age verification

Selling products with an age limit? Our lockers come with Yoti’s age verification software built-in.

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Customer communication

Our lockers come with software handling all parts of the customer communication, one less problem to worry about.

ALS Strongpoint Grocery Lockers

Our grocery lockers are purpose-built for grocery retailers. Customisable and offering three temperature zones – frozen, chilled and controlled-ambient – they allow customers to collect their order remotely.

Our market-leading software helps create an unbeatable customer experience, with hyper-fast delivery and loading.

ALS Strongpoint Mobile Grocery Lockers

Click & Collect grocery lockers – on wheels! ALS StrongPoint is the world’s only provider of mobile Click & Collect grocery lockers. Our fully customisable, covid-friendly lockers let you offer flexible pick-ups from any location. With app-based locking and unlocking and the option of AI-powered age verification, customers can collect almost any product without needing to enter your store.

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ALS StrongPoint Parcel Lockers.

Our complete parcel locker solution is world-leading. We offer hardware, software and service for customisable, multi-sized and high-quality lockers. All you need to worry about is filling them with customer orders.

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How Does It Work?

There are five simple steps to this solution.

  1. Customer places shopping order online.
  2. Selects ‘Click and Collection’ option and a time slot.
  3. Store staff pick and pack order and place it inside the locker.
  4. Customer will receive notification on their phone with a pin to enter at the locker.
  5. Customer enters the PIN-code at the locker and unloads their order.

Lockers allow items to be stored, controlled, and temperature compliant with safe regulations. Temperatures can be adjusted to your needs. Also, compartments can be divided into Ambient, Chilled, and Frozen, and can be mixed and matched to suit.

Software controls all functions and can be integrated into the ERP and logistics systems. The software notifies staff in case of temperature changes, open doors, and other incidents that could compromise the quality of the groceries. It features central monitoring and is connected to a support center if assistance is needed.

Convenient, Contactless Collection

ALS StrongPoint’s click & collect lockers let your customers collect online orders quickly and conveniently. No more waiting for available staff, or standing in line, or worrying if packages are safe and secure.

That puts you at a competitive advantage. Flexible, contactless and 24/7 delivery options mean customers never have to come in-store, but can collect orders in a way that works for them. Click & collect lockers help you cut costs by leveraging stores as distribution points, automating and saving on last-mile deliveries.

Proven Results

250+ Installations

in Europe and North America.

-25 Degrees Celcius

Functions even in extreme weather conitions.

40 Degrees Celcius

Functions even in extreme weather conitions.

8,333 Orders

Collected From Our Lockers Every Day.

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