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Click And Collect Lockers

Contact-free, fully automated unmanned systems.

Deliver Differently 

The Click & Collect Lockers are a contact-free, fully automated unmanned system. In addition to laundry, parcel and storage lockers, we also have 3 temperature zone (ambient, chilled & frozen) grocery lockers.

Click & collect lockers provide businesses with an additional unmanned sales outlet, which can be operated 24/7.

Many of our customer’s packages Click and Collect Lockers, Laundry, and Bike Lockers with the Car Park Canopies, to provide additional protection from the elements and enhancing the customer experience.

Strengthen The Customer Experience

 Click & collect benefits so many areas of e-retail, providing:

  • Capacity and Contingency for the overloaded home delivery channel.
  •  Cost reduction opportunities for shoppers, retailers and delivery companies.
  •  Increased Choice and Convenience options for shoppers.
  • An enhanced Customer Experience for collections and returns.
  • A contribution to the reduction of urban Congestion – increasingly associated with online delivery.
Clients and Partners

Click and Collect Lockers – A New Marketing Channel

An aid to Conversion, increasing footfall and sales revenue for
retailers. Click & collect is not just a delivery option, it has become
a marketing channel.

A Customisable Solution.

Customise your parcel locker to match your brand for easy brand recognition— creating a modern
customer experience.

Industry-specific references are available upon request.

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