E-commerce Order Fulfillment

End-to-end fulfillment solution designed for grocery retailers.

 Our E-commerce Solutions Are Already Being Used By Leading Grocery Retailers.

E-commerce Order Fulfillment

The ALS StrongPoint E-Commerce order fulfillment Suite is the only proper end-to-end fulfillment solution designed for grocery retailers. It helps manage and deliver online orders, maximising picking efficiency and enabling a range of last-mile options.

ALS StrongPoint’s e-commerce fulfillment solutions are trusted by leading grocery retailers in Europe and North America. Our 35+ years experience in grocery retail technology means we understand your challenges, and can help you find the right solutions.

Designed For Grocery Retailers


Super Flexible 

New last mile solutions from ALS StrongPoint can easily be added to your system without setting up new integrations. Easy to set up and easy to scale.



Streamline your e-commerce operations with a solution that includes both picking and last mile options, seamlessly connected.


Completely Unique 

ALS StrongPoint delivers both automated and manual picking, as well as a home delivery solution and a range of both click & collect solutions. We are the only company focusing on the entire process from the customer sends in the order, until it’s in their hands.


Picking an e-grocery order can be time-consuming and is one of the key areas in which grocery retailers can make a huge impact on their efficiency and profitability when it comes to e-commerce. Primarly there are 2 ways of picking, either manually or by automation, and it can be done either in a dark store / MFC / CFC or in-store.

Order picking

ALS StrongPoint Order Picking is the world’s fastest manual picking solution with customers reaching picking rates of 240-300 items per hour. It’s a cloud-based solution designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of in-store staff. Our technology augments manual processes to make them 99.99% accurate, and up to 7x more efficient than pen and paper.

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Micro Fulfillment Centers (MFC)

Automated micro fulfillment means that robots bring you the items to be picked – the fastest picking method available. As an AutoStore partner, StrongPoint offers hyper-efficient micro-fulfillment solutions tailor-made for grocery retailers and other industries.

But there’s more: StrongPoint will soon be the first in the world to install an AutoStore grid with a frozen zone for automated picking of frozen items.

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Click & collect solutions

For the store, the most efficient way to deliver online orders is by having the customers come to your designated pick-up point to collect their orders. Research shows that click & collect solutions are trending for e-groceries as the customers can pick up the order when it suits them and often don’t have to pay delivery fees. The by far best solution however, is to offer both click & collect and home delivery.

Click And Collect Grocery Lockers

Grocery lockers are the most efficient way to do click and collect, because you can place right next to your store and once the order has been loaded into the locker, no more labour hours are required. Its’ a very practical last mile delivery solution for both you and your customers.

Our grocery lockers come with quality as standard, designed in Scandinavia and built to survive even the most extreme weather conditions. We offer both regular parcel lockers and temperature-controlled lockers for groceries, as well as software for customer communication and contactless access.

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Drive thru

StrongPoint’s Drive Thru solution, often referred to as curbside pick-up, is made for grocery retailers to have an efficient pick-up solution for placing online orders in the cars of customers. The customer doesn’t even have to get out of the car, which often gives this option a positive customer experience.

Our system combines license plate recognition with StrongPoint’s e-commerce software, making it possible to alert staff which order is to be delivered when a customer drives up to the store, reducing the waiting time.

Parcel Lockers

ALS StrongPoint’s parcel lockers are designed in Scandinavia and built to survive even the most extreme weather conditions. Parcel lockers can be used for simple click & collect for almost any retailer and is the most efficient option for collecting from the store’s perspective.

Home Delivery

Home Delivery requires some more work and costs than click & collect. However, many customers prefer this very convenient solution and it should therefore an essential part of your last mile options presented to customers. Still, there are many ways you can make home delivery as efficient as possible.

Home Delivery

Our Home Delivery module ensures retailers can make their home deliveries as time- and cost-efficient as possible. It optimises the delivery process by planning the best delivery routes, managing the car park and vehicle sizes, and even ensuring that the orders are picked and loaded in the optimal order according to the delovery route.

The system also estimates the delivery time and communicates with real-time the customer who can track their order with the app.

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