Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems

Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems.

Hospital Pneumatic Tube Systems are not a luxury.

Today, for a modern hospital, using Pneumatic Tube Systems is not a luxury, but an infrastructural necessity. An MVX Medic System can transfer samples & drugs across a hospital at up to 5 meters per second.

Saving thousands of Porter man-hours per year.

Pneumatic Tube Systems For Medical Facilities.

As in all industries, hospitals can suffer from ineffective logistics. Specifically the internal distribution of high priority, smaller packages.

  • Patient samples
  • Drugs
  • Results and other documentation

The automated transfer systems also reduce face-to-face contact, keeping transmissions down.

​The carriers can travel at up to 5 meters per second, which translates to 30 minutes of Porters travel time saved for every 5 minutes an automated carrier is travelling. 

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How An MVX Medic Tube System Works?

MVX Medic combines efficiency, usability and competitive cost in one comprehensive pneumatic transportation solution. The system has been designed to be very user-friendly for colleagues.

A single system can have up to 64 sending and receiving stations throughout the premises, with priority zones set up for critical transfers.

An MVX Medic system can include RFID chipped carriers, which means each carrier is tracked, traced and automatically returned to its proper destination.

Working For You.

We understand that each facility has its own layout and requirements for the system. That’s why we will be on-site to survey and design your solution, while working closely with the facilities management team, leading to a disruptive free installation.

Training is included for the key users of the system, alongside an ongoing service package, that will keep productivity high.

Book a call with an MVX Medic Expert today. Industry-specific references are available upon request.

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