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Bespoke Commercial Furniture

 Flair or Functionality with our hospitality solutions? ALS StrongPoint design and manufacture outstanding bespoke furniture, integrating the latest innovative technology, resulting in the ultimate customer experience.

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The ‘One Checkout’ is a hybrid of the traditional checkout and the self-serve checkout, allowing there to be one host operator between two checkouts, resulting in a better customer experience. By utilising one operative per pair of checkouts, colleagues can be deployed elsewhere to increase overall efficiency.

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Electrical Charging Points

ALS StrongPoint are installation partners for Go To-U Charging stations, delivering the complete package on site. Go To-U is the only platform with unique booking features for EV drivers.

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Virtual Queue Management Solutions

Integrated solutions to organise, engage and measure customer journeys. The solutions are highly scalable so you can start small and expand your solution as required or as your customers and staff expectations evolve.

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