Order picking

Order Picking

Pick More In Less Time.

ALS StrongPoint Award-Winning Order Picking Solution

Order Picking

Pick more in less time. Our award-winning order picking solution turbo-charges the efficiency of your store workers giving the automated solutions a run for their money.

Many of our customers are averaging picking rates of ~240 items an hour and some are doing just over ~350 an hour – making it the most efficient in-store picking solution in the world.

Key Benefits

Hyper efficient

Hyper Efficient

The most efficient way to manually pick in-store and in dark stores as many customers pick 240-350 items per hour compared to 60-65 using traditional methods.


Extremely Flexible 

Can be used for any store, any size, anywhere. Easy to add new pickers, adjust to each individual store, add zones for picking and more.

train a new member

Fast To Deploy 

Takes on average 5-10 minutes to train a new member of staff on how to use the system.


Low Investment 

No up-front costs needed, pay-as-you-go & bring-your-own-device option.

The World’s Fastest Manual Picking Solution

ALS StrongPoint’s picking solution has been developed over 20 years in cooperation with leading grocery retailers. Through continous improvement, we have developed smart functions to streamline the entire process and greatly reduce the amount of labour hours needed to fulfill an order.

Instantly Scalable

With ALS StrongPoint’s Order Picking solution you can easily add or reduce pickers based on the volumes. 10 minutes training is enough to get anyone up to speed and to start using the system.

Optimized Picking Route

Don’t waste time runnning back and forth. Our system automatically calculates the optimal picking route, whether you are picking in zones or not.

You can even include driving route if you are using ALS StrongPoint Home Delivery as well, so the picker route is optimized based on which orders are delivered first.

MFC Compatible

Any grocery retailer working with micro fulfilment centers (MFCs) know that not all products fit in the automated picking system.

By combining the MFC with ALS StrongPoint’s Order Picking you can ensure maximum efficiency in all parts of the picking process.


Combine the picking solution with electronic shelf labels and you have an even faster and easier system to use, particularly when picking products in a shelf with a lot of similar-looking items. Such as the jam shelf.

Maximum Efficiency With Or Without Cooperation With Q-com Players.

Our solution can be set up for the grocery store to pick themselves, or for a partner to pick in the store / dark store.

Order Picking For Grocery Retailers

Are you a grocery retailer and want to increase your picking of online orders up to 7 times the industry standard?

Is accuracy in the delivery and great customer service high on your priority list? With ALS StrongPoint’s Order Picking solution even high labour cost countries such as Sweden have grocery retailers earning more money on their online sales than in-store sales.

Order Picking For Delivery Platforms

Are you a delivery platform (Q-commerce) that also offers grocery delivery? And are you looking to improve the speed, accuracy and efficiency when picking those orders?

ALS StrongPoint offers the perfect solution for delivery platforms that complements your existing app with a fully integrated picking module – and at the same time adds value to your own offering!

A Brief Demonstration

Here you can see an ALS StrongPoint employee demonstrate how the picking system works.

Proven Results

Average picking speed across all product categories for many of our customers.

Easy To Use, Easy To Integrate

At this point you might be wondering how this solution connects to your existing POS and IT infrastructure. After all, the systems need to speak together. Fortunately, we have made that as easy as possible.

Standard APIs

The Order Picking software can be integrated to your existing e-commerce, ERP or other suitable system. That is done through simple and standard APIs provided by StrongPoint. We have customers who have been able to complete the integration within a few days! Our recommendation, especially if you have more solutions from StrongPoint, is to integrate with our e-commerce platform instead of directly with just one product. That way, all your e-commerce order fulfillment solutions from StrongPoint can speak together and work seamlessly.

support center

Customer Support

At the IT department, you don’t want to spend unnecessary time troubleshooting in the rare cases that something doesn’t work properly. With ALS StrongPoint, you have around the clock customer support to save you time and unnecessary headache.


Dashboard and Analytics

Once the solutions is installed you naturally want to keep track of it as well. StrongPoint’s Order Picking software runs on a cloud-based solution and the back-office is accessed through a web interface. In the back-office you can see the picking speed of each individual employee, each store and all stores combined. You can also configure the picking routes, picking zones and much more!

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