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Pneumatic Tube Systems For Retail.

Cashtronic® MVX – the most modern retail pneumatic tube system.

The most modern retail pneumatic tube systems on the world market.

Cashtronic® MVX can handle both One-way and Two-way applications and even integrate these two different functionalities in one solution.

Pneumatic Tube Systems For Retail.

To solve complicated cash handling tasks within modern retail, besides relay-controlled Cashtronic® 02 Point-to-point, ALS StrongPoint has chosen to develop one flexible microprocessor-controlled programming platform Cashtronic® MVX.

  • The solution can be used in all store formats, from a corner shop to a hypermarket, and still consist of similar components. Our customers don’t have to be familiar with several systems, just one.
  • Cashtronic®MVX systems often share the same electronic components, spare parts warehousing, service and maintenance have become much easier.

Easiness of programming and using Cashtronic®MVX is on the state of the art level. At the same time, Cashtronic®MVX provides very advanced carrier tracking, send/arrival control, system purge, and other important user functions.

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Cashtronic® MVX Two-way Pneumatic Tube (Dispatch) System.

Cashtronic®MVX Two-way is the system that can take care of the total cash and valuables flow in any store, such as:

  • Deposit of cash into safe or to the back-office.
  • Distribution of change from the back office to the check-out line.
  • Transport of valuables such as lottery tickets, receipts, etc.
  • Easy programming.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • All system messages are presented in cleartext.

Cashtronic® MVX One-way Pneumatic Tube (Dispatch) System.

As the name states, Cashtronic®MVX One-way transfers the cash and valuables  in one direction. Generally, as in other One-way systems, all transports go to one address — a safe or to a back-office.

  • User-friendly Main Control Unit with system status messages presented in clear text.
  • Possibility of tracking carriers during transport.
  • Possibility to check carriers send and arrival status.
  • Optional connection to a PC for extended system statistics.

Point-to-point Pneumatic Tube System.

Companies that use 02 (point-to-point) system are often in need of inexpensive and reliable transport because of safety reasons, or because their activity is divided into two working zones.

A Cashtronic®02 pneumatic tube system can be One-way and Two-way. Tube diameters: 63mm, 90mm, 110mm, 160mm or 200mm.
Here are examples of transported objects:

  • Documents
  • Spare parts
  • Samples
  • Medicines
  • Cash and valuables

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