Reverse Vending Deployment

Reverse Vending Deployment

Making the world a better place.

Waste Management Programs

Waste is being generated at an increasing rate around the world, whence came the need for waste
management. India will be producing 80-85 MT of Solid waste by 2030. Given the alarming quantity, it is
imperative to bring in methods that will alleviate the problem, especially plastic waste.

Waste management is the process of managing waste from the time it is produced to its final

The Go-To Solution

Reverse Vending Machines are quickly becoming the go-to solution for the “Deposit Return Scheme” legislation, currently sweeping the world.

ALS StrongPoint is the premier install team for a range of Reverse Vending Machines and can pre-stage, deliver, install and maintain.

Clients and Partners

Reverse Vending Machines Solutions And Programs

Reverse vending machines are units that accept used plastic bottles and cans and in return, provides the user with their returned deposit money, in the form of coupons/vouchers or e-wallet money.

Our reverse vending green campaigns and workshops are a way for promoting awareness and educating people about Reverse vending solutions.

How Reverse Vending Works?

6 easy steps:

  1. The consumer buys a drinks container and pays a deposit.
  2. The empty container is returned to a Reverse Vending Machine.
  3. The Customer gets an instant reward voucher, or the opportunity to donate the value to a chosen charity.
  4. Reverse Vending Machines recognise the participating drink containers in the Deposit Return Scheme.
  5. The pure non-contaminated materials are ready to be used towards making new drink containers.
  6. Less bottles and cans end up in landfill, helping to sustain our environment.

Industry-specific references are available upon request.

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