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Improve Your Customer Experience With The Z2 Self Checkout

ALS StrongPoint in Partnership with CCL

ALS StrongPoint in Partnership with CCL means you get a great product, but also the confidence that your
installation and integration will be a smooth process.

We can also create custom-made furniture to house the CCL products, that enhance the customer
experience during checkout, and match the style of your existing fixtures and fittings.

Over 6000 Self Service Checkouts Installed

ALS StrongPoint are an established main contractor, shopfitter, and Payment area installation specialist, with 11 locations around Europe and Australia.

We have installed over 6000 self service checkouts and “Scan as you shop” solutions across the UK and Ireland in the past decade.

Our clients include all the major UK and Irish supermarkets, and other international non-food retailers.

Clients and Partners

Self Checkout Systems For Grocery.

Cash less Self Checkout Machines with small footprint

Self Checkouts Systems with security scale

Self Checkouts Systems with 360°scanner and security scale 

Self Checkouts Systems with Cash modules (CPI or Glory)

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Z2 | High Quality UI Based On Vertical Screen.

The vertical large multi-touch screen is similar to our mobile phone. It is easier for consumers to use without additional guidance. 21.5‘‘ / 27‘‘/ 32‘‘ Multi-touch Screen 16:9 1920*1080.

The scanner can quickly scan bar codes both on items and the phone’s screen.

The thermal printer is perfectly integrated into the main panel and can be opened independently for paper change. 80/58mm 200mm/.

Z2 | Product specifications 

Z2 | Modularity And Customization

  • Different printers available or ‘no printer’.
  • Different scanner options.
  • Scalable. Easy integration of HW peripherals according to customers’ needs
  • Pole light with or w/o 2D camera
  • Holders for various EFT/Payment terminals
  • MSR
  • Holder for Hand-held scanner
  • Holder for specific fiscal printers or any other devices
  • Different pole holder and shelf sizes
  • Loss Prevention Scale (security scale)
  • Cash management modules

 10 Reasons To Choose Our Solution. 

  1. ALS StrongPoint are an established Retail fit-out contractor with over a decade of Self Service Checkout experience.
  2. Freedom – CCL HW is totally independent.
  3. The product has a large screen , user friendly design.
  4. Advertising possibilities – The screen can be split two ways, allowing advertising space alongside checkout information.
  5. Custom built user interface.
  6. Flexibility – many different configurations, including with cash payment if
  7. Small sales floor footprint.
  8. ROI – one attendant can manage 6 to 8 units.
  9. Reliability – Components such as the card reader, scanner, scale and cash
    module are sourced from well-known manufacturers.
  10. Turnkey solution – ALS StrongPoint & CCL can manage the full project.

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