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Vensafe In-Store Product Collection

Increase the efficiency, improve the shopping experience.

A Tried, Tested And Successful Solution


Vensafe enables a secure in-store collection point for age-restricted and high-theft products purchased through both self-checkout and manned checkouts. This enables retailers to boost in-store efficiencies, increase the safety of their store staff, eliminate sales to minors, and control in-store thefts.


Increase Efficiency

Since all products are stored at one collection point your replenishment is much easier and faster. As the system keeps track of your stock you do not risk being out of the key products and you do not have to take stock manually.

Shopping Experience

Improve Shopping Experience 

Vensafe is easy to use and allows the customer to purchase tobacco and other items from any checkout (including the self-checkouts). No need to stand in line at a separate tobacco counter.

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Reduce Theft 

The products are only available after payment which makes theft impossible. The system also tracks all door openings and stock changes, minimising internal theft and shrinkage.


Gain Control

The system keeps track of all products loaded in the Vensafe dispenser. It gives complete real-time control of the high-value, age-restricted and high-theft items placed there.

Efficient And Responsible Tobacco Sales

Vensafe by ALS StrongPoint offers a responsible and secure way of selling tobacco without having the physical products at each checkout. This enables you to sell tobacco from all checkouts including self-checkouts.

The solution is compliant with market regulations and the products are hidden at all time and can only be accessed after the products are fully paid for. That creates secure, efficient and responsible tobacco sales.

Reduced Tobacco Visibility

Vensafe reduces visibility to minors as an alternative to a large tobacco kiosk with clear tobacco signage. The products are hidden and the picklist can be set in “plain mode” where no product images are displayed. Software updates keeps the system ready for new legislations.

Securing Age-Controlled And High-Value Products

Ensure security on age-restricted and high-value products such as: knives, pharmaceuticals, razor blades, lighters, matches, vaping products, tobacco papers, and alcohol.

Public Safety Information

The customer screen can be configured to include public health and safety warnings to help deter tobacco consumption.

Combine With Self-Checkout

Vensafe is a natural companion of the self-checkout solutions as it provides a foundation for customers to securely self-serve the purchase of tobacco and other age-restricted products.

Can Be Combined With Self-checkout And AI-based Automatic Age Verification

Tobacco can now be purchased from self-checkouts through Vensafe dispenser without the assistance of store attendants. After age verification at the self-checkout, the customer picks up the tobacco ticket and scans it at the Vensafe dispenser.

The customer is then asked to verify age again. Upon successful verification, Vensafe dispenses the tobacco items. Watch the video below to see how it works!


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