Tesco Ireland’s Customer-First Approach to Click and Collect

Click and Collect Type Services Forecasted To Grow Year On Year.

Tesco Click and collect

Supermarket car parks are well on their way to providing more utility than simply being a place to leave your car while you do the weekly shop. Car valet services, recycling centers, and of course, Click and Collect.

An offering somewhere between home delivery and in-store shopping, its growing massively in popularity as an e-commerce solution that provides flexibility to customers.

With Click and Collect type services forecasted to grow year on year, Tesco Ireland have taken the forward-thinking approach to roll this concept out to many of their stores at an accelerated pace, with one-third of stores being completed before the end of Q2 2022. If you visit one of these stores post-install, you will notice a rather striking fixture that sets Tesco Ireland apart from its competitors.

Tesco Ireland Red Canopy

Car Park Canopy.

The bright red Car Park Canopy commands attention, standing proud over the click and collect space, it provides a focal point in the car park that immediately lets customers know where to go.

Driving between its bays, customers are sheltered underneath from the elements, allowing them to pack their shopping in comfort. Its this customer-first approach that sets Tesco Ireland apart from other click and collect services. It has been described as “futuristic “, “exclusive looking” and “beating expectations” when stores were told they would be having a canopy installed.

They are also modular, which means they can have extra bays installed later, as the service grows.

For more information about Car Park Canopies, please visit the product page here.

How did the project come about?

Click and Collect was seen as an opportunity to increase sales in addition to home delivery.

The 1st trial canopy for the new format Click & Collect in Ireland was installed in the Summer of 2021, with the full rollout starting in November.

Tesco Contarctors

What Specifications does the ALS StrongPoint Canopy meet?

The cantilevered span can reach up to 7m, and each bay can reach up to 4.2m wide. They can be fitted with a rain guard to the rear, and also with signage to the front, rear and the sides. The canopy itself is available in any colour, with designs printed directly onto it. It can be underlit with low voltage LEDs, that can be powered by any nearby lamppost. It is manufactured with grade 355 structural galvanized steel, and is structurally underwritten to be installed into areas up to Euro wind-zone 9.

Tesco Ireland Red Click and collect

How have the canopies been received so far?

The store staff have been incredibly pleased with the canopy, its seen as the “Wow factor” in the car park, and there is a huge push from stores to get one installed.

The staff have reported that they are also enjoying protection from the inclement weather as much as the customers.

The branding on the canopy itself has also led to an increase in click and collect sales, as customers become aware of the service provided.

Some customers have even noted that they have specifically chosen to collect their shopping from Tesco over another supermarket, as the canopy provides light and coverage from the rain on those blustery winter evenings.

What does the future hold?

E-commerce in the grocery sector is projected to have year on year growth, as it catches up other sectors such as fashion. Giving customers the option to collect at their convenience will play a large part in that growth. The ALS StrongPoint Canopy will remain a fixture for all new builds, acquisitions, and existing stores, as Click and Collect grows in Ireland and beyond.

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For more information about Car Park Canopies, please visit the product page here.

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